Delightful Boy Names that End in “O”

A way to have a refreshing name in a crowd of boy names ending in “n”, is finding a boy name that ends in “o”. Here are some fabulous options:

Milo– (German) a form of Miles. It has been consistently in the top 1000 since 1900. This name has gained significant popularity since the early 2000s. It is an easy name to spell and pronounce. This would be a lovely way to honor a Miles.

Marco– (Italian) a form of the name Marcus, strongly associated with namesake Marco Polo. This classic gem is currently ranked at #320 in the US.  It’s a great way to honor a Mark or Marcus.

Jericho- This Arabic name is an underused biblical and place name. It is a biblical city, and has a stunning meaning, “city of the moon”. It is currently not ranked in the top 1000, but just barely made it into the 900s in 2013 and 2014. Jericho would also be a handsome way to honor a Jerry or Jeremy.

Eduardo- This Spanish form of Edward, which means “prosperous guardian”, is a lovely alternative to many “Ed” names. This name is currently ranked at #251.

Arlo-This name has several origins including (Spanish) roots meaning barberry and an English form of Harlow and German form of  Charles. Arlo is a name that was consistently in the top 1000 in early 1900s, and did not reenter until 2011. It has now risen quickly, and is ranked #502.

Apollo- My first Guinea pig was names Apollo, so this name has a special place in my heart. Apollo was the mythological God of healing, music, and prophecy. This name has an intuitive spelling and pronunciation and is currently ranked #751.

(sources : and Bruce Lansky’s book 60,000+ Baby Names)


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