My Top 5 Boy Name Combinations (June 2016)

Boy names tend to sound more “boring” then many girl names. I like older vintage names for men as well, but also love names which hold particular impactful namesakes. Here are my top 5 boy name combinations of June 2016:

#5 Nelson Theodore– This name has a positive namesake for me, Nelson Mandela. It means son of Neil so could be a great way to honor a Neil in your family. It is currently ranked #631 in the US, so while it is not completely unheard of it is unlikely there will be many Nelsons in your area. Theodore is a name I have loved for years. It lends itself to endearing nicknames such as Theo or Teddy and sounds strong and handsome.

#4 Clark Warner is a handsome one syllable name that sounds like a old southern name to me. I love how easy it is to spell and pronounce. Clark is French and means cleric or scholar. It is currently ranked in the #373. Warner is a family name and has several meanings including park keeper and armed defender. I think it can be a nice alternative to the name Warren.

#3 Calvin Xavier- Calvin is such a smart fun name to me, and I love the nickname Cal. It is ranked #171 and has a classic timeless feel. I think it’s a great alternative to names such as Cameron and Caden. It does have an unfortunate meaning and means bald. Xavier provides a cool middle initial with the letter “X”. It has Arabic roots and means bright.

#2 Gideon James- In general, I am really drawn to names that start with the letter “g”. Gideon sounds different then many boy names and has three syllables without sounding pretentious. It is Hebrew, is biblical, and means tree cutter. It is currently ranked #328 in the 2015 SSA rankings. James is a classic popular name and is a family name.

#1 Walter John- Walter is a vintage name that is already starting to make a comeback. It’s currently ranked # 308. I love the association with Walt Disney as well. Nicknames that make Walter n even better given name include Walt and Wally. John is a Hebrew name that means “God is gracious”. It is a family name and still sounds modern to many.

Honorable Mentions:

Baxter Elias

Quentin John/James

Theodore Lawson

Hubert Caledon

Archie William






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