My top 5 girl name combinations (June 2016)

In general, my naming style for girl names tends to be older vintage names. However, I love some word names, and love exploring all sorts of names and naming trends. I think incorporating family names and studying name meanings can also be great ways to finding the perfect name. Here are my current top 5 girl names:

#5 Lyra Jane- This name sounds fresh and spunky. I think it can be a great alternative to “L” names such as Lily and Lila, and also an alternative to names with the long I sound such as Maya and Isla. Lyra is a Greek name that means lyre player and is currently ranked #984 in the 2015 SSA rankings. Jane is currently ranked #288 in those rankings and not as popular as I thought it might be. It’s meaning is God is gracious, which is special to me because it had the same meaning as my fathers name.

#4 Edith Caroline- This vintage name sounds like a name that needs to be revived and would sound refreshing to hear on a child or an adult. The name Edith means “rich gift”, and could be a cool way to honor a family member named Edith or an Ed in your family.It is currently ranked # #525 in the United States. Caroline is a much more popular name at # 62, but still has a fresh ending. I would use this name to honor my paternal grandmother whose middle name is a variant of Caroline as well as my maternal aunt.

#3 Florence Genevieve- Florence is  a vintage older lady name that I am absolutely in love with. It is not ranked in the top 1000 in the US, which is another positive for many expecting parents. Florence has a wonderful meaning and means “blooming or prosperous”. It also has the namesake of Florence Nightingale who is often considered to be “the founder of modern nursing”. This is a cool way you could honor an important nurse in your life. Genevieve is a spunky name with a lot of history. I think it is a wonderful alternative to names such as Jennifer, Jenna, and Eve, but can still lend itself to the same modern nicknames.

#2 Fiona Pearl– Fiona is such a strong beautiful name. It is Irish and means fair or white. One modern association with the name is the princess in the movie Shrek, so some namers may take pause about the usability because of this association. It is currently ranked #219 in the US. Pearl is a sweet spunky gemstone name that I think is a great alternative to other gemstone names such as Ruby and Jade.

#1 Harriet Lilah- I love the old lady feel of Harriet, but I think it could come back in style. I also adore the nickname Hattie. The meaning of this name is “ruler of the household”. Namesakes include the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Lilah is a family name and is a more refreshing alternative to names such as Lilly, Lillian, Leah, and Leila. Meanings for this name include “night”, and “free will”.


Honorable mention names:

•Louisa Fleur

•Beatrix Eloise

•Josephine Leone

•Charlotte Grey

•Pearl Melanie

•Genevieve Eileen

(sources include the US SSA ranking and Bruce Lansky’s baby name book 60,000+ Baby Names)






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