Names That Would Fit Right In

Girl Names:

Una/Oona– This name is short, vowel heavy, and has several cool origins. These origins include Latin (one, united), Hopi (good memory), and Irish (a form of Agnes). I think it would fit right in with names such as Mia and Ava.

Riva-This name is a short form of Rebecca and in French means river bank. It again has similar sounds to many popular names including Eva and has the popular “a” ending for girls.

Malaya– Ths name is a Filipino name meaning free. I think it is a nice alternative to many “M” names including Maya and Maleah. I also love the meaning and thing the sound would fit right in with many popular names.

Kylene-Kylene is an Irish name and a form of the name Kyle. I think it could be a fresh alternative to names such as Kylie and Kaylee, but would still fit right in. It also could be a great honor name for the name Kyle or Kaylee.

Keena- Keena is an Irish name that means brave. It is a wonderful alternative to names with long e sounds and names with “-na” ending such as Lena, Nina, or Fiona. I think this name could honor Ken and has a popular beautiful sound that many would find alluring.

Gemma/Jemma- This is a beautiful name that has popular sounds and a modern feel. It’s a fun alternative to the very popular name Emma.

Izora- This gorgeous Arabic name sounds melodic and enchanting. It means dawn which is a truly beautiful meaning. I think it’s a great alternative to the names Isabelle, Laura, and Nora.

Boy Names:

Cormac-This name sounds spunky and modern, but has historical roots. The nicknames Corey or Mac are natural and fun. This is an Irish name that means raven’s son.

Galvin-This edgy name is an Irish name meaning sparrow. It’s a sweet alternative to Gavin, Calvin, and Evan.

Garroway- This has such a fun unique ending, but still has a familiar beginning and would be a creative alternative to Garrett or Garrison. It is an English name that has a cool meaning of “spear fighter”.

Nate– Nate is a short strong alternative to names such as Nathaniel, Noah, and Nathan.It is easy to spell and pronounce, but still has a cool different sound.

Petros– This romantic Greek name would be a handsome alternative to the name Peter.

Slater- This English occupational name meaning roof slater would fit right in with occupational name trends. It also has the benefit of being easily pronounceable and easy to spell.

Eamon- This name is a cool traditional name that is a form of Edmond. It would be a great alternative to Aiden.

(source: Bruce Lansky’s 60,000+ Baby Names)





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