One Syllable (girl) Wanders

In general, one syllable girl names are not my style. There are a few though that I love, and I know a lot of people love how simple and strong they often sound. In a room full of Isabella’s, Olivia’s, and Sophia’s, a Ruth can stand out from the crowd. Many people use one syllable names for the middle name spot, but maybe they should be considered more for a first name spot.

The most popular one syllable girl names of 2015 are:

Grace #19

Claire #49

Quinn #97 females and #354 males

Jade #126

Paige #140

Brooke #150

Less common one syllable gems:

Ruth #293 (Hebrew) friendship, biblical name. Ruth is a timeless classical name that lends itself to the adorable nickname Ruthie.


Joy #436 This beautiful virtue name meaning joyous is a refreshing alternative to some other virtue names.

Sloane/Sloan is an Irish name meaning warrior. It has risen significantly in popularity since 2009 and now with the first spelling is #325 and the second spelling #699.

Liv #720 is the short form of Livia and the very popular Olivia. It makes a nice alternative to those names.

Skye/Sky- (#385,#773 respectively) (Arabic) It’s Arabic origin means water giver, which is a great meaning. It also the short form of the Dutch name Skyler.

Faye-#928 This easy to pronoune French name means fairy, or elf. It also is an English form of the name Faith.

Blythe- This name is not currently ranked and is a wonderful virtue name meaning happy and cheerful. I think it has a nice strong sound and will not be a name that blends into the crowd.

Gwen- This name is currently ranked #741 and jumped over 200 spots since 2014, so it’s rising quickly. It is a short spunky version of the longer forms Guinevere or Gwendolyn.

Rue- This name was the namesake of a beloved character in the Hunger Games book and movie. It is not currently ranked and has multiple origins and meanings. It means (German) famous, (French) street, and (English) regretful and strong scented herbs.

Nelle (Greek) means stone and was in the top 1000 in early 1900s. It has my been the top 1000 since 1927. It is a great alternative to the name Elle or any “El” names.





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